How to create a 3-D Sticker

hello world,

i've ordered Sticker of the K&Company Jubilee Collection. Upon unpacking i got inspired to create these by myself. As u can see by this tutorial - it worked

create butterfly images in photoshop with a separate body.

2. print and cut them (i did this with my craft robo).

4. distress all layers (i used tim holtz "dusty concords"). Then emboss one layer with purple-glitter-powder and one with a transparent-glitter-powde r

5. Choose a foam-tape to fix two butterfly layers for the 3d-effect. The layer without embossing will be the bottom (basis).

6. cut the last layer in half across the body. So that you have one "head"-side and one "tail"-side. We choose the "head"-side. Apply the "head"-side with foam-tape to the already linked layers.

7. afterwards fix the body in the middle of that.

8. pimp the butterfly as u like. for example i pimped the butterfly with bling and glued the feelers (wire) with my hotglue


Original Sticker:

my created Sticker:

have fun


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